Honorary Chairman of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive CommitteeSADAO NAKAJIMA

The Kyoto International Film and Art Festival is now three years old.
Kyoto has been responsible for the production of a vast number of films of great quality, as a production base which once stood alongside Tokyo to lead the production of Japanese films.
However, today this position is being lost. The holding of a film festival here in Kyoto may allow it to fulfill this role.
Film festivals have to be fun. It must provide an opportunity for participants to experience an extraordinarily good time.
This year, in addition to the two major honors of the“ Toshiro Mifune Award” and the“ Shozo Makino Award”, there will be a great deal of content in our Film, Art and various Event Sections. However, as we reach our third year, as mentioned, we need to have a sincere discussion on what needs to be done and what can be done to revitalize the Kyoto film industry.
Finally, I would like to offer my deep gratitude for everyone that has worked so hard in preparation for the 2016 Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, and for all of our guests that have given their valuable time to participate.

Chairman of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive CommitteeICHIYA NAKAMURA

Kyoto continues to develop pop culture through films,games,and anime, while embracing a history of more than 1200 years.
It has also embraced high tech companies that have expanded abroad, and has given rise to Nobel Prize winning scholars.
This is the miracle city of Kyoto, which has the highest proportion of students in Japan, and still competes with the rest of the world as the most popular tourist destination.
This year marks the third “Film, Art and Everything Else” event.
This is an opportunity for the people of Kyoto, and everyone that loves Kyoto to come together to enjoy, create and present “Everything”.
Along with our inherited culture, a punk culture has also risen up.
We also strive to develop people and discover their talents.
Our theme this time is“ Kyoto, Higher, Higher”.
We look forward to your support as we give our all throughout the city, north, south, east and west,to aim for the sky.


This is the third year of the “Kyoto International Film and Art Festival”, which began in 2014, inheriting the aspirations of the “Kyoto Film Festival” before it.
This year we have a number of highly original features planned, not only in the field of film, which fuse tradition and innovation, and I am particularly pleased to see the steady gains that this festival has seen from its first two years.
I would also like to express my deep respect for the enthusiasm of everyone that has worked so hard for this festival, beginning with Honorary Executive Committee Chairman Sadao Nakajima and Executive Committee Chairman Ichiya Nakamura, as well as all other officials.
This film festival is a cultural event loved by people both at home and abroad, which I am confident will continue to grow significantly into the future with its efforts at bringing new life to traditional crafts and contemporary art, as it also embraces the fullness of the many charms of this great city of Kyoto.
As a city, we will continue to fully support this wonderful festival with all of our energy, and with the strong determination to“ Bring Japan Cheer through Culture!”, in line with our commitment to the promotion of culture and the arts in the wake of the relocation to Kyoto of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
We look forward to your support as we seek to bring smiles to Japan and the world under the theme of “Film, Art and Everything Else”!