Ellie Omiya Documentary( tentative)

Ellie Omiya Documentary( tentative)


This film is about the exhibition“ Sincerely yours, Ellie Omiya”, which washeld at the Towada Art Center, Aomori from May to September 2016.
Ellie Omiya, who had only started painting in earnest less than two years previously,finds out what to try, what makes her laugh and what troubles her about her first solo exhibition at an Art Gallery.
In addition to her own commentary about her work, the film also looks at live painting and workshop appearances and her exchanges with the people of Towada as part of the“ Shopping Street Museum” project.
And now, after this four-month period, what is it that Ellie Omiya has set her sights on accomplishing for the first time this summer?
This documentary explores what “painting” means to Ellie, who is also activein a variety of other fields, including writing, directing and design.


Ellie Omiya

Work Data

Director Makoto Watanabe
Country Japan
Year 2016