Bros. Maxman

Bros. Maxman

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“Bros. Maxman” is the sequel to“ Mr. Maxman”, which was released at the 2015 Okinawa International Movie Festival.
It turns out that the first Maxman, Masatoshi Taniguchi(Yudai Chiba) has a younger brother studying in Indonesia!
This is the thrilling story of the transformation of the hero’s younger brother Hideo Taniguchi(Ryo Ryusei) into Hero Brother Maxman, while working as an apprentice directorat the television station where his older brother works.
This sequel is even bigger than the first film, bringing together the best in special effects personnel.


Ryo Ryusei,Rio Uchida,Yudai Chiba,Mizuki Yamamoto,Takeshi Nadagi,Kendo Kobayashi, Ryo Tamura,Shinya Owada

Work Data

Director Akihide Masuda
Country Japan
Year 2016
Copyright ©2016「 Bros. マックスマン」製作委員会