Angel of Horror

Angel of Horror

©2016 「ホラーの天使」製作委員会


A full-scale horror movie from prodigy director Toshikazu Nagae, starring popular young actress Wakana Aoi.
It is set ina closed down school which is currently being used as a studio.
There, a number of strange phenomena begin happening in the wake of an incident where a high school girl went missing andwas trapped in the basement.
Seven people become enveloped in unimaginable fear, as two actresses have arrived to shoota movie, a three member idol group are practicing danceroutines, and a comedy duo are immersed in writing jokes.


Wakana Aoi,Yuri Tsunematsu,Kaho Mizutani,Fuko Yagura,Miria Fujita,Kazuhiro Fujiwara, Ini Kusano,Ryusei Yokohama,Naoto Takenaka

Work Data

Director Toshikazu Nagae
Country Japan
Year 2016
Copyright ©2016 「ホラーの天使」製作委員会