Oh My Zombie!


Oh My Zombie!

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This horror comedy features Akihiro Kakuta of Tokyo03 in his first starring role.
It is five years after the outbreak of a zombie panic.
As circumstances settle and peaceis regained, one zombie wanders into a private home.
Anunexpected story unfolds as the couple that happened tolive in this home, along with a high school student whose hobby is posting videos, the dull head of the town factory, a suspicious intern doctor and a woman who claims to have been the zombie’s wife when he was alive all set outto capture the zombie!


Akihiro Kakuta,Rie Tomosaka, Yoshiyuki Morishita,Marie Machida,Reiya Masaki,Riku Hagiwara

Work Data

Director Tadahiro Kamimoto
Country Japan
Year 2016
Copyright ©2016 epic inc.All Rights Reserved.