Tokyo Thrilling

Tokyo Thrilling



This omnibus film includes four stories by four directors of thrilling events amidst everyday life in the city.
The four parterre “Q-chan” which depicts the strange life of “Sute-Dracula” and student Lim, “Suspicious Person” which tells the story of afemale college student frightened by a suspicious person in themiddle of the night, “Forgotten People” a youth passion play about people that are suddenly forgotten about, and “AsanoHanashi”, which depicts the secrets of a family amidst a casual morning backdrop.


U-KWON(Block B), Aoi Kato, Itsuki Sagara,Motoki Ochiai, Nobuaki Kaneko, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Eriko Nakamura

Work Data

Director Yusuke Koroyasu
Country Japan
Year 2016
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