Moonlight Serenade

Moonlight Serenade

©1996 松竹/ オフィス・トゥー・ワン/ フジテレビジョン/ ポニーキャニオン


This human drama depicts a nostalgic landscape, as a family travels home during post-war turmoil, to take the remains of their eldest son home to be buried.
Keita Onda remembers his own childhood while watching news of the Great Harshen Earthquake.
In 1946, the Onda family that had been stationed on Awaji Island sets off to take the remains of their eldest son, killedin the war, to be buried at their home temple in Miyazaki .


Kyozo Nagatsuka,Jun Toba,Shima Iwashita,Hinano Yoshikawa,Michiko Hada

Work Data

Director Masahiro Shinoda
Country Japan
Year 1996
Copyright ©1996 松竹/ オフィス・トゥー・ワン/ フジテレビジョン/ ポニーキャニオン