ARTKyoto City Hall Square

Reality and Non-Reality

In the real world, people and vehicles are constantly going back and forth to the Kyoto City Hall Square.
During the period of the film festival, the road is made into a world of“ non-reality” with artwork which wouldn’t normally exist there.

Hideo Nagai “B-Project ‘Heso de Nagero’”

©Hideo Nagai/All Rights Reserved
Photo:Nobutada Omote

ARTIST:Hideo Nagai

This is a piece of work which shows a fully-sized giant wrestler(Giant Baba) doing a suplex to an actual car.
It represents with humor the mental strength of people as they try to be strong amidst the various challenges that they face throughout life.
The artist desired that this piece will serve as a monument giving hope to people, with the power of the image aroused by this piece of art evoking a sense of coexistence of people and vehicles.

Cooperation: Gallery Nomart

Yotta “Kintoki”



Art Unit Yotta, winners of the “Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art”, and comprising artists Kimitaka Kizaki and Hiromichi Yamawaki, present a stonebaked sweet potato decorated car, which will tour the various venues of the Film Festival.
The flavor of stone-baked sweet potato is a complex relationship between the potatoes, the wood-burning fire, the iron(or stainless steel) kiln, pebbles and time.
This source of imagination for us all has steadily disappeared from our roads in Japan.
In our unrealistic everyday lives, consuming stone-baked sweet potatoes in a very real network would surely make the world a greater place.