ARTFormer Saga Imperial Palace Daihonzan Daikakuji

Waraimeshi Tetsuo’s Sutra Club Extended Version Daikakuji Café “Dai-Tet suojuku”

ARTIST:Waraimeshi Tetsuo

Set in a fictitious “café” in the world of the internet, with Tutorial as the store manager and chef, this “Daikakuji Café” Project is for the generation that doesn't know about the good parts of Kyoto and Daikakuji.
This new project began earlier this year, with the design of featuring the “sutras” and “ikebana” of Daikakuji as a “place where everyone could gather together”.
Aspartofthisproject, Tetsuo of Waraimeshi, who loves Buddhism, launched a sutra circle, “Tetsuojuku” at Daikakuji, the main dojo for sutras.
This special project of the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival, referred to as “Dai-Tetsuojuku” will see Juku head Tetsuo explain the depth of the Sutras at Daikakuji, together with about 100 participants, on October 14, during the film festival. Appearing: Waraimeshi, young entertainers.

[Date]2016.10.14 fri
[Time]open 14:50 / start 15:00
[Cast]Waraimeshi, Komandante
[Ticket]SOLD OUT
[Venue]Former Saga Imperial Palace Daihonzan Daikakuji
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