ARTFujii Daimaru

Trend Scan

Fujii Daimaru has become known as the epicenter for Kyoto trends.
A number of art projects will decorate this site, from well-known Yoshimoto trend entertainers and artists who cross over to the fashion world.

Chocomoo “Entrance Magic”



This art work program showcases Chocomoo, who has been active in a variety of different scenes, including a number of collaborations with artists and brands as an illustrator.
This beautiful graffiti will be displayed on the glass surfaces at the entrance of Fujii Daimaru for a limited time only.
There will be a number of must-see works, which can only be seen here, at this time, moving between all genres, including fashion, music and art.

Shampoo Hat Koide “Koichan Paradise”

ARTIST:Shampoo Hat Koide

This exhibition is the personal exhibition of Shampoo Hat Koide, known for his unique style of painting.
The venue will be filled with the deeply surreal and distinctive world of Koide.
A live event by the man himself is also planned for Sunday, October 2.

Razor Ramon RG “RG’s Collection 2016”

ARTIST:Razor Ramon RG

Yoshimoto fashion leader Razor Ramon RG, is also known as an entertainer that loves his sneakers.
A special space on the 7th floor will be filled with his unique brand, with carefully selected photos from his Instagram account, which has built a large following of fans in the fashion world for its large amount of sneaker photos.