ARTFormer Rissei Elementary School

Play Hard and Study Hard

A program will be held at the Former Rissei Elementary School with exhibitions and experiential workshops on the themes of playing and learning.
There will be plenty to see and do, in a variety of areas including manga, sports and learning.

HISAO OHMAE “Kyoto Sanjo Radio Café x HISAO OHMAE”



This is a collaboration between Kyoto Sanjo Radio Café and HISAO OMAE, who is an active digital illustrator of cover illustrations, book illustrations and other illustration work.
The works on exhibition will include illustrations and cover art used in timetables for Kyoto Sanjo Radio Café.

Cooperation: Kyoto Sanjo Radio Café

Yoshikazu Ebisu “Ebisu Realism”

©Yoshikazu Ebisu

ARTIST:Yoshikazu Ebisu

A collection of works by Manga Artist Yoshikazu Ebisu, consisting of large works, comic book originals, and an “18 and up Only Room” of adult content prohibited to minors.
The artist will also be holding panel discussions during this period.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see Manga Artist Yoshikazu Ebisu, a side of the man never seen on television.
Original goods such as prints and catalogs will also be sold at the venue.

Cooperation: PARCO

Minori Kand “a Minori-Print with Ojichanz ver.”

ARTIST:Minori Kand

This is the latest version of the Minori Kanda decoration photo booth.
This is the only photo booth in the world where you can take a photo together with Minori Kanda.
This year you will also be able to enjoy video in the “Arinko” photo booth.

Courtesy of Furyu Corporation

Tozando “point - Shuhari”


Interactive Projection Mapping of“ Bunomai” where video follows the movement of people wearing armor both specially designed in collaboration with artists and prewar armor.
The “Special Opening” of this digital art will be presented by Missile Man Iwabe from 1PM on Saturday the 15th, for a brilliant demonstration.

Sato “Fluffy T-shirt Workshop - Making interactive art together”


Artist Sato incorporates braille into art, so that everyone can enjoy it. For the Blind, with the theme o‘f normalization’.
Original t-shirts will be exhibited, which were created together with children using special pens which produce three-dimensional patterns.

Cooperation: Kyoto Prefectural School for the Visually Impaired

momo irone/Ichiko Yoshida “Girl-ist in Kyoto International Film Festival”

©Ichiko Yoshida

©momo irone

ARTIST:momo irone/Ichiko Yoshida

momo irone produces pictures which relate to the theme of modern people and language expressing the sensitive feelings and delicate gestures of women.
Hatsuko Yoshida draws unusual illustrations by removing the solid lines from her simple drawings which are mainly in black and white.
This is the first time that these two young female artists(“girl-ists”) have collaborated on an exhibition.

Yoshimoto Museum

ARTIST:Yoshimoto and affiliated entertainers and artists

This is an exhibition of art called the“ Yoshimoto Museum”, by Yoshimoto and affiliated entertainers and artists.
Works will be exhibited from the likes of Kimihiko Isobe(Marumushi Shoten), Akira Iwabe(Missile Man), Cookie(Yasei Bakudan), Lily(Mitorizu), KAORUKO and Manami.
There will also be workshops by the artists themselves throughout the festival.

Netflix Original Drama “Hibana(A Spark)” Exhibition

©2016YD Creation

The Akutagawa Prize winning work “Hibana(A Spark)” by Naoki Matayoshi of comedy duo “Peace” has been created into a new Netflix original drama.
This exhibition will allow you to experience the world of this drama.
The exhibition will display scenes from the shooting of the drama on panels, as well as commercials for the show on monitors, and posters and flyers will also be handed out.
A panel discussion is also planned, where entertainers will discuss the show.

Ryuji Akiyama(Robert) PRESENTS Creators File Exhibition in Kyoto

©Creators File

ARTIST:Ryuji Akiyama(Robert)

The highly received Shibuya Hikarie exhibition of Robert Akiyama is coming to Kyoto, celebrating the release of his book and DVD, including the popular series from free paper “honto+” where he covers various creators in the magazine!
The exhibition will feature cherished possessions of creators that have appeared so far along with a large number of productions, as well as special exclusive works for this film festival.

“The Okinawa International Movie Festival” × “The Kyoto International Film Festival”

At the Kyoto Machiya Café “Mangetsu no Hana”, a limited number of 30 guests every day will be treated to a “table tea ceremony”, in addition to the normal menu, presented with hospitality by tea master Katsuyo Tanaka using“ Matcha ”from Kyoto and “Yachmun” from Okinawa, along with live Okinawan music.
Guests will also be offered sweets made from shequasar from Ogimi Village by cooking expert Masako Yoshimura.
At the same time, at the former Rissei Elementary School, students from the Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts and the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts will screen films which they have produced.
→Kyoto Machiya Café “Mangetsu no Hana”, details

Cooperation: Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Okinawa Prefectural Univeristy of Arts, Mangetsu no Hana
Products Provided by: Ogimi Village, Acerila-fresh

Iseo Nose “‘Movie Language’ Reform in the History of Experimental Films”

ARTIST:Iseo Nose

Nose Iseo has been active for many times in the art scene, and as an avant -garde filmmaker and documentary film director.
In addition to the screening of his films “Scrap Films” and “Moire”, he will also lecture with Kenta Oka on the descent and cultural background of “film reformers” who worked to change the language of film.

[Date]10.15 sat 15:55〜

Cooperation: Gallery Nomart