ARTNishi Hongwanji/Dendoin [10.13 thu~10.16 sun]

Following the Light

From this fall, Nishi Hongwanji will hold the Buddhist “Dento Hokoku Memorial Service” to announce to the Buddhist deities the changeover to the 25th Monshu.
The“ Nishi Hongwanji/Dendoin”, an Important Cultural Property designed by Chuta Ito, is a monk training facility which is usually closed to the public, but it will be opened specially for the period of the film festival only.
“Making important feelings we must convey take shape” is a theme for this international exhibit held within the temple.

Meywa Denki “Dr.Hige and the Nonsense Machine”

ARTIST:Meywa Denki

“Dr.Hige and the Nonsense Machine” is a live performance for children put on by Meiwa Denki, developers of various nonsense machines in the style of a SME business.
The various machines appear in the performance in live video and as on-stage character mannequins.

Shunsuke Kurakata “Miniature Building World Exhibition”

ARTIST:Shunsuke Kurakata

This program showcases about 500 miniatures of architecture from around the world at the “Nishi Hongwanji Mission”, which was designed from a collection of compelling elements of architecture around the world by Japan’s leading architectural historian and architect Chuta Ito.

Cooperation: Kobe University Shuhei Endo Laboratory, Kyoto University of Art & Design Isamu Nakamura Laboratory
Exhibition Cooperation: Kaiyodo

Shuhei Endo “Concept Model Exhibition”

©Tsuyoshi Ono

ARTIST:Shuhei Endo

This is an exhibition of 30 concept models from Endo Architecture, by this modern architect garnering attention around the world.
See the future of modern Japanese architecture in the Mission space, with the diversity of Endo Architecture resonating with the Eurasia Mandala of Chuta Ito.

Cooperation: Kobe University Shuhei Endo Laboratory, Kyoto University of Art & Design Isamu Nakamura Laboratory
Exhibition Cooperation: Yasojima Proceed

Shinsuke Kawahara “Planè te de Lapins – Planet of Rabbits”

ARTIST:Shinsuke Kawahara

This exhibition by Shinsuke Kawahara, in collaboration with a number of companies such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Christofle, has seen great success around the world.
In various works, from cardboard boxes to Toyama’s Hirutani Japanese folding screens, balloons and animated movies, my rabbits are still flying.

Jean-Luc Vilmouth “Dark Science”

2015 ©Jean-Luc Vilmouth Courtesy of MORI YU GALLERY
Photo:©YUICHI MORI (at Kyoto style Climbing Kiln)

ARTIST:Jean-Luc Vilmouth

This installation is by world-dominating French artist Jean-Luc Vilmouth,who has had collections of work shown at the world’s foremost international exhibitions,including the Venice Biennale,documenta,and the Pompidou Center in Paris.

Cooperation: Mori Yu Gallery

Yuki Hayashi “image data”

2016 ©Yuki Hayashi

ARTIST:Yuki Hayashi

This video piece is by Yuki Hayashi, an artist that has exhibited work at art exhibitions and film festivals in Japan and overseas.
What are we looking at?
Where is it going?
This exhibit asks questions about modern existence, relationships,dimensions and perceptions.

Cooperation: Gallery Yamaki Fine Art

Thorsten Brinkmann “Gut Ding will es so”

Gut Ding will es so (Videostill), 2003
DVD, 15_20 min
©Brinkmann & VG Bildkunst Bonn 2016

ARTIST:Thorsten Brinkmann

An early work of Thorsten Brinkmann, who is currently active around the world.
Appearing on video will be “Various things” and “A person”.
The things are discarded items. The person is a writer.
This work is presented in slapstick comedy style at a slightly fast speed.

Cooperation: Takako Ikezaki, Yasuko Tsukamoto, kirico