ARTKyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts

Kyoto Japanning

In the real world, people and vehicles are constantly going back and forth to the Kyoto City Hall Square.
During the period of the film festival, the road is made into a world of “non-reality” with artwork which wouldn’t normally exist there.

Mugi Nakajima “Here and There in Fureaikan”

ARTIST:Mugi Nakajima

Mugi Nakajima is an artist that has expanded to a variety of events and activities from a focus on painting, and will hold workshops with children to create their own works.

Boss Hiko x Sayoko Hirano “Live Painting – Dawn”

photography by tatsu

ARTIST:Boss Hiko x Sayoko Hirano

Internationally active live painters Boss Hiko and Sayoko Hirano present a special live painting performance with musicians and dancers.

Cooperation: pad GALLERY kiske3

Hosei Tsukitei “Rakugo Performance in Traditional Clothing”

ARTIST:Hosei Tsukitei

Successful Rakugoka(Comic Storyteller) Hosei Tsukitei performs in the traditional clothing of Kyoto artisans.

Kyoto Artisan Workshops


[Date]10.15 sat, 10.16 sun
[Venue]Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts

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Kyoto Hyogu Framing/Inoue Kogado “Making Mini Frames”

Kyoto Armor/Bukyu Heian “Making Armor Keychains”

Tsumami Zaiku/Oharibako, Kitai K.K. “Making Ornamental Hairpins”

Jingi Crafts/Makishin Saigu-ten “Making Chopsticks”